How to Copy Reporting Services Reports off a Reporting Server and Production Deployment

Every now and then in my travels around SSRS I have needed to do this. You may be unsure if the version of the report deployed to production is the version of the report in source control and just want to get latest off the production server.

The way I have normally had to do it is to connect to the Reporting services server, go to the properties of the report and then choose “Edit” or in SQL Server 2008 R2 choose “Download”.

If you have to do this for a lot of files this is painful, until now…

I found this tool the other day, and I must say its awesome., it’s called the “Reporting Services Scripter” and I have a new friend.

Not only can it extract files from a given server if you have the correct credentials, it will also create a deployment script.

So now the pain of releasing files to production one by one can be avoided and having to manually configure things again and again.

This is all scripted into a batch file that can then tweaked to point to the production server and this can then all be wrapped up neatly into a release.

Nice 🙂

EDIT: The site has seemed to have gone down but this link is the direct download which is still working.

EDIT 2: the above link also seems to be broken, here is the last know copy that I have, I am sure they won’t mind me redistributing..


Also here is a link that provides the full process of how to use the tool.

using rs scripter to create a deployment

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