Aywun A1-V10 Review

Firstly, I will start this article by saying, I am a novice overclocker, i.e. this is the first go at overclocking a CPU in anger.

On top of that I am one of these people who choose to stay a few steps behind technology because its cheaper, and I can’t justify spending thousands on a new rig every few years. So 6 months ago when my Pentium 4 finally bit the dust I headed to the internet, eBay and various local online distributors and purchased everything to build a new computer, full cost $550 for everything excluding the case which I kept from my last PC.

Therefore, the specs on the test machine are not the latest and greatest, but should be comparable to other reviews of various coolers on the web to allow a comparison. The test machine is spec’d as follows:

  • CPU* – Intel core 2 duo E8400
  • Motherboard* – Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 rev 1.0
  • Memory – Corsair CM2X2048-8500C5C – 4GB 1066Mhz
  • HDD – Seagate ST31000528AS, 1TB, 32M, 7200RPM SATA2 Barracuda 7200.12
  • Video* – ASUS EA-HD3850 512 MB
  • Cooler* – Stock Intel Pentium
  • PSU – Zalman ZM600-ST

* purchased second hand on e-bay.

So here I am wanting to get a bit more performance out of my CPU but the stock cooler will not do. A bit of research was done and I saw the A1-V8 had a few reviews that said it was good for the price, but I could find no reviews about the A1-V10, so thought I would do one for myself.

Aywun A1-V10 (May 2010 @ AU $43 )
Firstly be warned this is a big unit, dimensions:

  • Weight: 865g
  • Length: 131mm
  • Width: 103mm
  • Height: 153mm

The box says, a minimum 190mm case depth recommended. Fortunately my case is 205mm deep, but it only just fits, so be warned.

Here are some Photos:

The unit comes packaged with:

  • all the mounting brackets to support the various sockets that it is compatible with.
  • thermal compound, 25% silver, 🙂
  • adjustable fan speed controller, with double sided tape for mounting it on the case
  • anti-vibration rubber mounting brackets for mounting the fan to the cooler


Installation was relatively painless. As mentioned before the unit is big. The fan only just fit in but it does position well with the case fan so you get good ventilation with the Heat Sink fan blowing straight at the rear exhaust fan.

I used Artic Silver 5 Thermal paste for the installation.

The instructions were in pictures with very few words and I was a bit confused as the backing plate had a clear plastic covering on one side, and I was unsure as to which side was to go up. I put the plastic facing the underside of the motherboard, as the film would have interfered with the screws being able to slot firmly into the notches for the various sockets.

Pictures Again.

I have tested using both the Intel Burn Test 2.5 and Prime 95 @ stock 3.0Ghz, 3.6Ghz and 4.0Ghz.

Note: with the stock cooler it was unable to complete the intel burn test @ 3.6 Ghz. I stopped them when they reached 70 degrees.

All testing was performed with the Fan Setting on low. I found that the difference between Low and High was generally about 4 degress. I have a case fan that I run @ 1500 RPM, and at the same setting the A1-V10 adds nothing to the noise of my computer.

All testing was done with ambient temperature of  17 Degrees.


10 to 15 degrees cooler than stock !

The stock tests were stopped when it reached 70 degrees, even so that is 16 degrees cooler on the Burn Test Std. Also 7 degrees cooler @ idel.

With the fan on High these Intel Burn test would not get above 54 degrees. I intend to leave the fan @ 15oo RPM and in this test that raised the temp to 56 degrees.


When running overclocked @ 4.0Ghz (25% overclock), the A1-V10 gave results the same as the stock cooler @ stock 3.0Ghz.


  • Cheap
  • Good Cooling
  • Solid mounting
  • Adjustable fan speed.


  • Have to remove the motherboard to install.
  • Very big, so make sure your case is deep enough.

Overall, $43 well spent I say.

2 thoughts on “Aywun A1-V10 Review

  1. Thankyou.
    Based on your review I took the plunge and grabbed an aywun V10 yesterday.
    Very happy…
    It is currently 36c in my room (heatwave in Perth West Oz) and my cpu is idling at 39c. 30min stress test on my Phenom 965 Black Edition quad, 100% load across all cores and Im getting 51 degrees on the CPU. My previous AMD stock HSF would max out at 62 degrees. Nice reduction in temp and noise. The AMD stock HSF would start to sound like a leaf blower at about 50c.

    Of interest, the V10 seems to be a rebranded “iceage boss2” cooler. http://www.3rsys.com/english/products/view.asp?navi=aircooler&idx_num=116
    The instal manual is exactly the same as the one you get with the A1 V10 and the units are identical apart from the speed control unit and wierd air guide add on.

    The iceage boss2 is one of the best coolers ever made and highly sought after- http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2461

    I got my A1-V10 from MCG Tech here in Perth WA for $50. Money well spent!

  2. looks good, will be getting one for $35AUD in my next rig. Will be changing the fans to push/pull to CM R4-S2B-124K-GP. Do you think it will still yield good results if I replace the stock fan?


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