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You know how you search for a piece of software to do that thing… and you find it and use it, then 6 months later you need to do “that thing” again and can never remember the name of that thing…. !!!

This is just a list of links to software sites where I have downloaded tools and utilities in the past that I don’t want to forget.

Pretty short list for now but I will add to it..


Name Details Link
7 Zip Free software for zip link
MyDefrag Free software for defraging your hard disk mydefrag
Reporting Services Scripter Software for scripting copying and deployment of Reporting Services reports link
Name Details Link
Paint .Net Free software for editing images link
Name Details Link
VM Ware Player This is a direct link to the download page to bypass the need to register 🙂 on filehippo
Virtual Box My preferred virtualization platform now, that VMWare has started putting disclaimers about only being free for home use Virtual Box Website
Remote Desktop Manager Awesome free tool for managing all your remote desktop sessions. For one application I have 5 servers per environment and 5 environments, (dev, staging, sandpit, training and Prod) and I manage all my RDP sessions in this tool.
Source Control
Name Details Link
Visual SVN Best SVN repository for Windows Visual SVN server and or Visual Studio plugin client
AnkhSVN Subversion Support for Visual Studio, works with VS 2012 AnkhSVN website
Tortise SVN Windows explorer integrated SVN tool Tortise SVN on sourceforge
Development tool and VS plugins
Name Details Link
Code Maid Visual Studio Plugin – Automatically sorts and removes unwanted using statements. consistently formats your code by removing spaces and commenting #endregion statements and other niceties like, Find in solution explorer, which will show your file in solution explorer.
Great to use in a team to get consistency in your code formatting.
Visual studio Gallery
Indent guides shows vertical lines to highlight the indenting of your code. Great to track down that pesky missing closing bracket Visual Studio Gallery
MediaInfo.dll Library for reading the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files. MediaInfo sourceforge
iTextSharp Opensource C# PDF Library iTextSharp on sourceforge

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