Exetel NBN Fritzbox 7490 VOIP Setup guide

So exetel does not have a setup guide for the fritzbox, so I thought I should write my own.

NOTE: I have been having issues with my VOIP staying connected with Exetel ever since I moved to NBN with them. I am working with support to see what I can do to make it stable. I will keep you updated below.

Setup steps

  • Login to your fritzbox
  • Expand Telephony and click on “Telephone Numbers”
  • Click on “New Telephone”
  • Enter your telephone number in both fields (NOTE: This is an example phone number)
  • Enter Account Information
    • Username: Enter the voip phone number as username
    • Password: Enter the password as supplied by Exetel
    • Registrar: spi1.exetel.com.au
    • Poxy Server: leave blank
  • Additional Settings – leave defaults
    • DTMF Transmission: Automatic
    • Use telephone number for registration – Yes (tick)
    • Always regsiter via internet connection – No (unticked)
    • Insert Area Code for outgoing calls – Yes (tick)
  • Click Next to the confirmation page
  • Click Next to finalise the setup
  • Success
  • Click Next
  • Now your VOIP should be showing as connected.

Test by making a phone call to and from your phone number to confirm that it is working.

Edit Phone Settings

After having setup if you edit your phone number there are lots of options.
The following shows the default configuration and how it is configured after setting up

Line Settings

The line settings are all defaulted to essentially “OFF” with nothing ticked.
For Australia here is how the phone line settings are configured for me with a working connection.

My VOIP Issues with a Fritzbox and Exetel

I have written this guide as I have some issues with my VOIP.

I am experiencing de-registration of my voip.

  • After setting up or rebooting my router, the VOIP will be connected.
  • Approx 28 minutes later it de-registers with the following logs being recorded
08.08.20 16:00:16 The telephone number 0299717171 has not been available for more than one hour.
08.08.20 15:57:31 Registration of internet telephone number 0299717171 failed. Reason for error: Remote site not responding. Timeout.
08.08.20 15:34:35 Registration of internet telephone number 0299717171 failed. Remote site reports reason for error 400	
08.08.20 14:57:58 Registration of internet telephone number 0299729595 failed. Reason for error: Remote site not responding. Timeout.
  • After a period of time it (today 2 hours) it will register again successfully
  • Stays connected for approx 28 mins and then disconnects again.

I am dealing with Exetel support and will update you when I get a resolution.

3 thoughts on “Exetel NBN Fritzbox 7490 VOIP Setup guide

    1. Unfortunately, I was not really able to resolve my drop outs via settings. I have switched back to the Exetel provided router and the VOIP has not really dropped once. Which is great, now working from home during COVID I am get all the marketing calls that I was missing 😉

  1. This worked for me.

    Instructions below are not accurate, but you must opt out of CG-NAT. I managed to get there. You need to log onto your My Exetel account.

    Please note that currently service is assigned with CG-NAT and not a static IP

    If you require a static IP, kindly follow the below steps on the My Exetel account

    Once logged in to the My Exetel account;

    1. Go to Services & Usage
    2. Click on “Manage” in front of the NBN service
    3. Select “Manage IP”
    4. Scroll down to “Carrier Grade NAT Opt-Out Request”
    5. Turn off “CG-NAT”

    Once you submit the request, power cycle the modem and check the service in 10-15 minutes

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