Router Logging Software – Free – MyRouter Log

My router was crashing a bit and I thought I would check the router logs to see if there was any clues in there as to what was going on?

Once my router crashes the log files are lost, so I went in search of some router logging software.

In short I tried a few and they were buggy pieces of rubbish that didn’t work.

It’s just a simple UDP listening program, and so In the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear, UK), “How hard could it be?”, so I wrote my own.

Its called “MyRouter Log” and it’s a UDP port listener for capturing to a text log file, the contents of your routers UDP broadcast.

Its free and full details can be found here on my site, MyRouter Log

Hope you like it and give me some feedback in case my software is a “buggy piece of rubbish” ;-)”

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