ASP.Net Membership Provider – Install Database

In the membership provider model is a cool way of easily getting a security datamodel with role access.

The database can be installed on your own specific database in the following way.

Some architecture based sugestions:
1. The membership provider model is actually keyed by application. So you can provide user lists for multiple applications from a single database. This means that instead of creating the model inside you application database you can store this in a central applicaiton security database and provide a single database that manages users for all of your applications.

1. Ensure you have SQL server installed on your system. This could be SQL Server Express.

1. Open a command window.
2. cd to the following directory [drive:]%windir%Microsoft.NETFrameworkversion
3. run aspnet_regsql.exe ( by default this will run in the Wizard Mode)

In the wizard:
1. Click Next
2. Choose “Configure sql server for application services” and click next
3. Select the Server and Database set your database connection details (note change to sqlExpress named instance)
4. Choose Next Next Finish

Your database has now been created and is ready to be used.

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