Canon CameraWindow and Windows 7

After upgrading to windows 7 my camera software refused to work. I did a lot of searching and even emailed Canon and got a really poor response that they knew about it but didn’t know when it would be fixed.

I was about to write a post to describe the work around, but found there was a new version of the software CameraWindow DC.

I have downloaded the installer for ZoomBrowser 6.5.1 for windows7/vista, I got mine here:

Note: This is a link for a Canon Ixus 65 but the software should be the same for various IXUS versions. You must install the 6.5.1 update, you can later patch with other versions of the Zoom Browser update like 6.7.2, but these later updates will not include the fix for Camera Window DC.

When it installs it is version of CameraWindow DC.

And guess what… it works! Yeah, but read the following points…

1. After install you will have lost any configuration about where to download your photos. This can be reconfigured. At first I couldn’t work out how and then I noticed the nice little graphics in the top right hand corner. Mouse over them and the little gear icon is the preferences which allows you to configure the download location and options for file re-naming.

2. The blue button on the camera no longer works. You have to use your mouse and choose “Import Untransferred Images”, (or the action you want to do).

I have my software configured as follows which as closely mimics the previous software..

On preferences go to the Import tab and configure as follows:

When your camera is connected this will automatically launch the software, download your photos and then when you close the Camera Window DC software it will launch Zoom Browser to show you the results of you import.


Edit: April 2012

I seem to be getting quite a few hits on this page and I suspect the people coming here are looking to download a copy of Canon CameraWindow. The software is supplied free with your canon Ixus camera. I have this software but to redistribute it would be illegal.