invoicely change Tax Id to ABN

The Problem

In Australia the tax identification number is ABN (as you should know otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog post)

In Invoicely it appears on your invoices as Tax ID, or in the system as Tax Identification Number

The Question

How do you change Invoicely so that Tax ID is replaced with ABN on your invoices.

The Answer

Although un-intuitive it is actually really easy.

  • Your Business – click Business Settings >> Edit Business Information
  • A Client – click Clients >> then click on the client to edit


  • make sure the Tax ID field is empty, Cut your or your clients ABN from the “Tax Identification Number”
  • Scroll down to the “Custom Fields” section
  • In the first field enter “ABN”
  • In the second field enter/paste the ABN Number
  • Save

Now view an invoice and it will have removed Tax ID (as there is no value recorded in that field any longer), and show ABN which is your first custom filed.

Ahh, so simple..

P.S. being a software developer, the other way to solve this (invoicely!), would have been to provide a system setting like “Tax ID Display Name” and I could have just typed ABN, and that could have overwritten the work Tax Identification on the two or 3 areas where it is displayed 😛

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