Create Visual Studio Project with the correct directory structure

This ones just for me.

I have been using TFS and when I read the best practice documentation for how to setup your projects I have ended up having a preference for how i like my directory structure.

Assume you have a project  call BudgetForecast, I would  end up with a folder structure like


Under the BudgetForecast directory would be the BudgetForecast.sln and in the Source subdirectory would be the Project file.

So how to get Visual studio to do that.

  1. Create a new solution
  2. Set the location to c:DevBudgetingProjectMainSource
  3. Set the Name to “Source” (this also sets the solution name)
  4. Set the SolutionName to “BudgetForecast”
  5. make sure the “Create Directory for Solution”  is picked
  6. click OK

Your soltuion is now created but your project is called source, so just rename to project to BudgetForecas, save that and your done.

I wrote this as I can never remember whether Name or solution Name needs to be changed to source and invariably I get it wrong


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