Google Hangouts showing phone number not contact name

The Problem

I recently upgrade my phone and am using “Google Hangouts” as the default SMS client.

Some of my contacts appear with their phone number whilst others appear with their name.

The Issue

It appears that Google hangouts matches the contact by the phone number.. EXACTLY

So 0418 1111 2222 is NOT the same as +61 418 1111 2222

The fix

The fix is in two parts:

1. Make the phone number of your contact match the phone number as it appears in Hangouts, (generally in international format).
This can be done by (google hangouts 2.0.303)
– open the offending message with the phone number displayed
– select the menu, (top right …)
– choose “people & options”
– select the phone number, and a menu pops up “Add to People”
– choose OK
– search for the person
– select the person you wish to attach the phone number too an choose OK.

2. Logout and Login
The phone numbers will still be appearing incorrectly. By logging out and logging in again it refreshes Hangouts.
– select the menu (top right …)
– settings
– select your email address
– under account settings choose “sign out”
you will now be signed out
– beside the hangouts icon press “SMS”
– choose your email address
– you will be signed in and all your recently connected contacts should update

Note: Sometimes even login and logout doesn’t force it to refresh, I have just given up and then a few minutes later when I check it is now up to date?

2 thoughts on “Google Hangouts showing phone number not contact name

  1. Something that just worked for me was changing my default messaging app to the phone’s stock SMS app then back to Hangouts.

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