SSIS 2012 Project Deployment – Set CheckpointFile with Parameters

The Problem

SSIS in SQL Server 2012 now supports a “Project Deployment” model. Adding things like Connection Strings is relatively intuitive.
I want to use a parameter to set my CheckPointFileName property.
How can you do this so it can be configured by the environment.

The Solution

  1. Create a parameter in your package and call it “CheckpointFileName”
  2. Click On the ellipses “…” on the Expressions property.
  3. In property Choose CheckPointFileName from the drop down
  4. Set the expression by opening the expression builder and choosing the parameter you just created, (sometimes you need to drag and drop the paramater into the expression box)


  5. Click OK

Now you can deploy your package and set this parameter as part of you environment setup and change the checkpoint file name as required

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