CKEditor HTML view greyed out

The Problem

When running CKEditor (3.6.4 for ASP.NET) the editor loads but the HTML view is greyed out.
Switch to source mode and the HTML code is there but it does not render in HTML View


On further investigation this error only appears to occur in Internet Explorer 10, (IE10) when the browser is running in quirks mode.

To reproduce open the following URL which takes you to a earlier demo of CKEditor 3.6.4

In Internet Explorer do the following:

  1. Press F12 – to launch the developer Tools
  2. On the menubar – Look for Document Mode and change to Quirks mode


When in quirks mode the control greys out. Switch back the Standard mode and it works.

The Solution

You can control which mode the browser runs in, by adjusting the

SSRS – Default Date Parameter not showing

The Problem

I have an SSRS Report with a default date parameter.
The default date parameter appears grayed out and does not allow me to enter the date

The problem in detail

In an SSRS report I wanted to have a Default date parameter.

The report had two parameters:

  1. Person Id – Free Text Number field, Mandatory
  2. End Date – Date Field – default to Now

The default value for the date parameter can be set by a default expression like:

When this report is opened the cursor is focused in the “Person ID” field, and the End Date is grayed out.
Enter a PersonId and either tab out of the field or click view report and the End date field will become available.

The solution

The problem can be resolved by changing the order of the parameters.

By changing the order from:

  1. Person ID
  2. End Date


  1. End Date
  2. Person ID

It appears that placing a text style parameter that requires user input prior to the default date field, stops the parameter execution and leaves the field grayed out.