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MVC Razor View escape character

The Problem

You want to use your model or some code to append a variable inline with a string.
Assume you want to create a URL with a dynamic element like:


where -dev will be an appsetting accessed in razor from @Settings.Default.URLSuffix

When you add the @Settings value in like so;


it treats the @Settings.Default.URLSuffix as a text string, outputting “http://appserver@Settings.Default.URLSuffix.domain.com” not “http://appserver-dev.domain.com” as you were hoping. What is the escape character?

The Solution

@@ is the escape sequence.. so that should be easy..


The problem now is it treats the .domain.com as part of the code and is not happy because a string object does not have .domain.com methods.


Add a semi-colon to end the code and that is the problem solved.

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